Advantage Plus II Participating Whole Life

A different approach to life insurance

Participating Whole Life, offering guaranteed death benefit amount, premiums, and cash value, with the potential for dividends.2

PlanRight Whole Life

Level, guaranteed premium whole life insurance

Three plan types available based on underwriting qualifications, Preferred, Standard, and Basic.

Face amounts range from $5,000-$35,000 depending on plan option.

BrightFuture Children’s whole life

A guaranteed death benefit for today while protecting against a child’s future uninsurability

Simplified issue3 with accept/decline decisioning,4 targeted for children under the age of 18. Up to six applicants on one application.

SMART Universal Life

The Protection they need – the flexibility they want

Premium payment flexibility and cash value accumulation5 potential with a competitive non-guaranteed interest rate.6

Level Term Life

Designed to provide affordable life insurance protection

10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year guaranteed level term insurance with issue ages from 18 to 80.

Non-medical³ rates up to $500,000 with no saliva swab or fluid collection.

Prepared II Accidental Death Term Insurance

Simplified Issue Term Product

Prepared II offers affordable accidental death coverage. This is a transactional product for clients aged 18 to 70 and can provide up to $500,000 in coverage on an accept or decline decisioning basis4.

1 Green or sustainable bonds held in Foresters asset portfolios have been represented by their respective issuers in public securities filings to be in alignment with green or sustainable principles established by the International Capital Market Association. For more information, please visit Amounts based on consolidated financial results prepared in Canadian dollars as of January 31, 2023 and converted into USD using the Bank of Canada annual average exchange rate of 1.3350.
2 Dividends are not guaranteed. Past dividends are not an indicator of future dividend performance.
3 Insurability depends on answers to medical and other underwriting questions and underwriting searches and review.
4 Medical eligibility is accept or decline based on answers to the health and lifestyle questions on the application.
5 Withdrawals or loans will reduce the death benefit and cash values and may affect how long the insurance contract is in effect. Surrender charges may apply to withdrawals and surrendering does result in a loss of insurance coverage. Income and growth on accumulated cash values are generally taxable only upon withdrawal: IRC section 72. Ask your tax advisor for details on your specific situation.
6 Interest rate on cash value as of December 2022. Subject to change.

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